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Why should you let us do the scheduled maintenance?

Leave it to us to manage all your roll containers or isothermal containers! Thanks to the twenty years of experience in this field, we have all the solutions to guarantee an even longer life for your equipment and to reduce your investments.
You might wonder what the advantages of a scheduled maintenance are.

What are the advantages of a scheduled maintenance?

  • very quick intervention times, thus avoiding the stocks of unused equipment;
  • scrapped equipment not longer constitute a problem, because we handle their removal;
  • the cost of intervention is calculated only for the repaired equipment without any additional fee (for travelling or others), according to the actual activities and not based on an hourly rate;
  • if you buy from us spare parts for maintenance, you will also be able to avoid warehouse stocks, since you will only have to pay for the materials used;
  • the intervention request can be made online, by accessing our website and the date of the intervention can be obtained in real time;
  • you will be provided upon request with a statistical report of the intervention works made, specifying the number of repaired pieces, the spare parts used, the most frequent causes, so that you can identify the cause of potential deficiencies in the managing of your equipment by your personnel.

What do we do?

  • maintenance of roll containers regardless of brand, having a metallic or plastic base, whether standard or penetrable;
  • maintenance of isothermal containers regardless of brand, ordinary or extraordinary, in accordance with a quality standard certified by the most important European manufacturers;
  • we carry out maintenance services both at our subsidiaries or directly at the Distribution Centers of the customer, in accordance with all the regulations and norms regarding occupational risks and safety; we provide warranty for the intervention works made; we supply the necessary spare parts;
  • repair services for the plastic base of the roll containers regardless of brand, with our ECKTECK ™ patented system;
  • we supply spare parts for roll containers (wheels, belts and springs);
  • maintenance of shopping carts for customers directly in PDV;
  • we let for short term needs roll containers and isothermal containers.

How much money can you save by using scheduled maintenance?

The maintenance cost depends on many factors, but the savings can be noticed immediately:

  • it is more convenient to carry out the maintenance works directly at the customer’s location in order to save the transportation cost;
  • savings can be made through the consumable parts, by reusing them as much as possible;
  • a major saving can be made by not piling up too many unused containers and by avoiding storing containers and other spare parts in the warehouse.  

 We are able to offer you scheduled maintenance contracts in order to achieve maximum management efficacy!


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